Large Size Ladies Shoes

In co-operation with the quality brand JJ Footwear we offer a wide range of shoes which are produced in relatively large sizes. The shoes are of high quality, and made from and lined with 100% leather, and are made with a removable insole that allows interchangable insoles. If you do not know your foot width you can use the foot width calculator to easily calculate the size yourself. Click on the shoes for more information and to order them directly.
Many women today have a shoe size around or greater than size 42, however there are relatively few stores that have larger sizes readily available. In collaboration with JJ Footwear we have a large collection of wide fit ankle boots, wide fit heels, and wide fit trainers with varying foot widths and sizes such as 42, 43 and 44 available for you. You can use the filter on the left to select your preferences in terms of type, design, width and the required size you need.