Calculate my foot width

Narrow Foot Width (F) Standard Foot Width (G) Wide Foot Width (H) Extra Wide Foot Width (K)
Shoe size 3.5 8.5 inch 8.7 inch 8.9 inch 9.3 inch
Shoe size 4 8.7 inch 8.9 inch 9.1 inch 9.4 inch
Shoe Size 5 8.9 inch 9.1 inch 9.3 inch 9.6 inch
Shoe size 6 9.1 inch 9.3 inch 9.4 inch 9.8 inch
Shoe size 6.5 9.1 inch 9.3 inch 9.4 inch 9.8 inch
Shoe size 7.5 9.3 inch 9.4 inch 9.6 inch 10.0 inch
Shoe size 8 9.4 inch 9.6 inch 9.8 inch 10.2 inch
Shoe size 9 9.6 inch 9.8 inch 10.0 inch 10.4 inch
Shoe size 9.5 9.8 inch 10.0 inch 10.2 inch 10.6 inch

Calculate Your Calf Size Here

The collection of boots on our web store ranges from boots with a narrow calf, to boots with an extra wide calf. This means that you will always be able to find a pair of boots that fit you perfectly. Are you are unsure about the size of your calf? You can find this information by using the calf width calculator to determine your calf width.

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Calculate Your Foot Width Here

You can easily measure your foot width by means of a tape measure. In order to do this, measure the circumference around the widest part of your foot. Then refer to the table above where you can see which foot circumference corresponds to your foot width. In general, women with larger calves also have wider feet.

Calf size and foot width

Boots with calf size S have foot width F
Boots with calf sizes M/L have foot width G
Boots with calf sizes XL and XXL have foot width H
Boots with calf sizes XXXL have foot width K

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