Foot width and removable foot beds

Measuring your foot width

What is your foot width?

Foot width is expressed with a letter, which corresponds with the figure used to determine foot width. The smallest width is size F, a normal width is size G, a wide width is size H and an extra wide width is size K

Measuring foot width

In the table here you can see what your foot width is according to your foot circumference and shoe size. The foot width ultimately determines which boots from our range are best suited for you. You can easily measure your foot circumference yourself by using a tape measure and measuring all the way around the widest part of your foot.

SizeFoot Width FFoot Width GFoot Width HFoot Width K
Shoe size 3.521.5 cm22 cm22.5 cm23 cm
Shoe size 422 cm22.5 cm23 cm24 cm
Shoe size 522.5 cm23 cm23.5 cm24.5 cm
Shoe size 623 cm23.5 cm24 cm25 cm
Shoe size 6.523 cm23.5 cm24 cm25 cm
Shoe size 7.523.5 cm24 cm24.5 cm25.5 cm
Shoe size 824 cm24.5 cm25 cm26 cm
Shoe size 924.5 cm25 cm25.5 cm26.5 cm

Calf size and foot width

Relationship between calf size and foot width

There is a variety of brands that design wide calf boots. These brands have done research into what their customers want, the build of the human body, and the form of the foot in order to create the best possible fitting boots. Their findings appear to indicate that women with relatively larger calves also generally tend to have larger feet. Therefore, in general, the following size combinations go together well:

Boots with calf size S have foot width F
Boots with calf sizes M/L have foot width G
Boots with calf sizes XL and XXL have foot width H
Boots with calf sizes XXXL have foot width K

Removable foot beds and arch supports

Removable foot beds

As well as the correct foot width, ensuring that your feet are supported in just the right way is very important. All boots in our range are equipped with a great, standard foot bed. A standard foot bed, however, cannot remedy or lessen the effects of pre-existing foot problems, such as heel spur, flat feet, or overpronation. Boots from JJ Footwear and Helioform are therefore equipped with a removable insole, so that you can put your own inlays in your boots with ease. Additionally, the Wide Calf Boots Store also has available a wide offer of insoles, inlays and arch supports that can help and improve specific foot problems, such as those mentioned above.

Arch supports

When if you have specific problems with your feet, legs, or back, you can opt for arch supports. These insoles can help with problems such as heel spur, overpronation, flat feet or difference in leg height. So if you've been experiencing such specific problems with your feet for a long time, then you can easily order one of our arch supports along with your new boots. Because many boots from the Wide Calf Boots Store have a removable foot bed, you can easily place your supportive insoles in the boots instead. Comfort while walking will eventually help reduce the effects of your foot complaints, or even prevent them.

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