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We offer a wide range of women's shoes for sale, and we pride ourselves on the quality that we offer you. The Wide Calf Boots Store offers trendy and fashionable ladies boots and shoes of a high quality and above all, a good fit. We have a large assortment of wide-fit shoes and large sizes in women's shoes, which are made and lined with leather and include a removable instep. If you do not know your foot width you can use the calculator easily calculate yourself. Click on the shoes for more information and to order them directly.

Wide Fit Shoes

Here at Widecalfbootsstore, you will find a great range of shoes for women in different sizes and models. All of the trainers, heels, sandals, and other models are created with stylish designs and are made to be as comfortable as possible. Within this range, you will find a great selection of wide fit shoes, so if you need wide fit ankle boots, wide fit heels, wide fit sandals, or wide fit trainers, then look no further! You'll find them right here at Widecalfbootsstore.

Ankle Boots

As well as calf boots, we here at Widecalfbootsstore have included a beautiful range of ankle boots in our collection. Ankle boots are an absolute must-have for any fashion-conscious woman and are an indispensable item for your shoe collection. A great pair of ankle boots can help to create a smart-casual look and to add a splash of elegance to your look. View our range of ankle boots, including wide fit ankle boots, right here.


Another staple for your shoe collection is a good pair of trainers, or sneakers. Trainers can be worn with such a wide variety of outfits, so it's important that you have a high quality pair to hand. The trainers in our collection are made from high quality, long-lasting materials, so you will be able to enjoy them for years and they will be super comfortable.


When the weather starts to warm up, a stylish pair of sandals or flip flops can't go amiss. In our collection of sandals, you will find options with both a standard foot width, but also items with a wider fit. This means that, even if you have slightly wider feet, you can still find comfortable, fashionable models for your summer footwear collection.


Another great selection of shoes you will find in our footwear range is a wide choice of pumps, small heels, moccasins, and other slip on models. These shoes always come in handy, so you definitely want to make sure you have a great pair of pumps that are not only comfortable, but also super stylish, and that can be used as a go to for both casual and smart attire.