Slim Calf Boots

Choose from our wide range of slim calf boots from the quality brand JJ Footwear, and after your order is placed, they will be sent directly to your doorstep. If you're not sure what your calf size is, you can calculate it easily by using our 'Calf Width Calculator' below. By clicking on one of the Slim Calf Boots it will give you more product information and instruct you how to place your order.

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Slim Leg Boots

On Widecalfbootstore, you will find a large collection of Slim Calf Boots. Besides boots with a narrow sole, our site also offers boots with normal and large sized soles. The combination of quality brands with reasonable prices will make your choice of purchasing Slim Calf Boots an easy one. A further possibility is the option to pay for the boots after you receive them. In the unlikely event that the boots turn up at your house and you find a problem with them, they can be returned free of charge and replaced with a new pair.