Evercreatures is an English wellington boots brand, famous for their hip and trendy wellies that are especially popular at festivals. Furthermore, these wellington boots feature a strap which makes it possible to adjust the calf width, as well as offering a large choice of wide calf wellies. Click on the pictures below for more information and to order your wide calf Evercreatures wellies online.

Evercreatures UK

Evercreatures creates wellies in a broad range of bright and colourful designs. Models from this brand are also equipped with handy extras, such as straps that allow the shaft size of the boots to be adjusted. This means that these shoes are also suitable as wide fit wellies. Fashion should be accessible for all, a cause which Evercreatures definitely appears to support! Have a look at the range of Evercreatures wide leg wellies that we stock here at the Wide Calf Boots store, and be sure to contact our customer service team if you have any questions.