Fitted Boots

What kinds of boots are there?

Slim Calf

Slim Calf boots fall under the small (S) and normal (M/L) calf sizes. These boots, in principle, are normal, women's boots but with smaller and more average-sized calves. The Wide Calf Boots Store offers slim calf boots from size 3.5 up to 9.5.

Wide Calf

For women with somewhat fuller, wider calves, then it can be quite hard to find a pair of boots that fit well. That's why the Wide Calf Boots Store has created a beautiful collection of wide calf boots. Our boots range from the calf sizes M/L, XL and XXL.

Extra Wide Calf

Alongside M/L, XL, and XXL, we also offer a range of extra wide calf boots. This collection includes calf size XXXL from brands such as JJ Footwear, Jilsen, and Helioform. These brands are well known for specialising in producing boots with (extra) wide calves.

How can I calculate my calf width?

Measuring your calf width

Many women have the same problems when buying boots with wider calves; when they realise that the boots that they've ordered don't have wide enough calves, they have to send them back. That's why it's extremely handy to know what your calf size is, so that you can always buy boots that you know will fit!

In order to aid you in finding your exact calf size, the Wide Calf Boots Store has found a brilliant solution: the calf width calculator. How does it work? Simply take the measurement of the largest part of your calf, and enter this along with your foot size. Then you can see what your calf size is straight away and will be directed to all the boots that will fit you beautifully!

Tips to help with measuring

Don't leave any space between your calf and the measuring tape. Measure both calves and use the larger of the two measurements. If you wear leggings or long, thick stockings, add an extra 0.5 inches to your measurement. If you wear trousers with your boots, add an extra 1 inch to your measurement. In this way, you can measure your calves as accurately as possible.

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