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JJ Footwear

'Fashion that fits'

If there's something that JJ Footwear knows better than anyone, it's that every women is unique. No single body, foot or calf is the same, and that can sometimes make buying boots and shoes very frustrating. As many as 70% of European women struggle when trying to buy boots and shoes that fit. JJ Footwear is offering a solution. For years, this company has been focused on designing boots with (extra) wide and small calfs, so that everyone can find a well-fitting pair of boots, regardless of calf size.

JJ Footwear does this by developing specific sizes for every pair of feet. The size of your calf is determined by your foot size, plus the size of your calf. This means you're certain to find a pair of boots that fit. JJ Footwear boots also have a removable footbed, so you can put support insoles in if you need. Curious t osee what JJ Footwear can offer you? Then take a look and their stunning collection.

What can JJ Footwear offer you?

Small Calf

JJ Footwear has a beautiful collection of boots with a smaller calf size that is very popular among women with smaller calves. These boots are updated every season so that they match the most recent fashion trends, which means you'll always be looking stylish in them.

Wide Calf

JJ Footwear specialises in designing shoes with a wider calf size. Thanks to their years of experience, this company has the know-how on how to develop a beautiful collection of boots, which don't only look great, but are so comfortable to wear. What more could you want?!

Extra Wide Calf

JJ Footwear has also brought a collection of extra wide calf boots onto the market. These boots, unlike others of their kind, have very modern designs and are incredibly comfortable. JJ Footwear's extra wide calf boots are great for combining with all sorts of outfits and styles.


JJ Footwear doesn't only focus on designing boots, but also has brought out a collection of shoes, which, among other things, consists of dolly shoes, ankle boots, trainers, sneakers, loafers, sandals and heels. These shoes are often designed with very wide or very small calves in mind; this will be mentioned in the product descriptions.

JJ Footwear Sizing

How does it work?

JJ Footwear's sizing involves just one system, in which you can easily find the right size and fit for you. Your size is based on three different aspects: shoe size, the circumference of your calf and the circumference of the ball of your foot. By combining these three measurements, you can easily find which size is best for you.

The Wide Calf Boots Store uses a special calculator finds the ideal JJ Footwear size based on shoe size and calf circumference. In reality, this is enough to find the right boot size for you. Take a look at the full JJ Footwear collection and give the calculator a go!

A selection from the JJ Footwear collection: