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  • Meassure both calves and use the larger measurement to choose your appropriate size range

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Item description

This asphalt coloured leather boot called Napoli from the quality brand JJ Footwear comes with a calf size of XL. As you can see in the picture, this boot has a low heel which makes it comfortable to wear as well as height of the boot which allows it to sit higher up on your leg. At the top and bottom of the boot there is a buckle as well as an elastic strip which is placed in order to allow the boot to fit to your calf snuggly. The suitable calf size for these boots is XL. The Napoli is a high quality boot that is adaptable to your entire wardrobe.

Size Chart

Widecalfbootsstore specializes in offering well-fitting women's boots. All boots have their calf width size classified from S to XXXL. You can easily calculate the size of your calf by measuring the circumference of your calf at the widest point, and then simply enter this size into the calf width calculator.Below is a table containing all of the shoe sizes with their corresponding calf sizes. The values in this table are the circumference sizes of your calf in inches.

Calf Size:


Shoe Size 3.5

11.8 - 13.8 Inch13.9 - 15.8 Inch15.9 - 17.7 Inch17.8 - 19.7 Inch19.8 - 22 Inch15 inches

Shoe Size 4

12.2 - 14.2 Inch14.3 - 16.1 Inch16.2 - 18.1 Inch18.2 - 20 Inch20.1 - 22.4 Inch15.5 inches

Shoe Size 5

12.6 - 14.2 Inch14.3 - 16.1 Inch16.2 - 18.1 Inch18.2 - 20.5 Inch20.6 - 22.4 Inch15.5 inches

Shoe Size 6

12.6 - 14.6 Inch14.7 - 16.5 Inch16.6 - 18.5 Inch18.6 - 20.5 Inch20.6 - 22.8 Inch15.75 inches

Shoe Size 6.5

13 - 15 Inch15.1 - 16.9 Inch17 - 18.9 Inch19 - 20.9 Inch21 - 22.8 Inch15.75 inches

Shoe Size 7.5

13 - 15 Inch15.1 - 16.9 Inch17 - 18.9 Inch19 - 20.9 Inch21 - 22.8 Inch16 inches

Shoe Size 8

13.4 - 15.4 Inch15.5 - 17.3 Inch17.4 - 19.3 Inch19.4 - 21.3 Inch21.4 - 23.6 Inch16 inches

Shoe Size 9

13.8 - 15.4 Inch15.5 - 17.7 Inch17.8 - 19.7 Inch19.8 - 21.7 Inch21.8 - 23.6 Inch16.5 inches

Shoe Size 9.5

13.8 - 15.8 Inch15.9 - 17.7 Inch17.8 - 19.7 Inch19.8 - 21.7 Inch21.8 - 24 Inch16.5 inches

About JJ Footwear

JJ Footwear boots are known for their high quality and excellent fit. In addition the boots from JJ Footwear offer a unique range calf sizes. JJ Footwear is the absolute specialist in the field of wide calf boots as they also have a range of foot widths available meaning that you will receive a boot that provides an extensive fit. JJ Footwear also places great importance on making their shoes and wide calf boots look great, while still allowing you to walk comfortably for hours. Moreover, the insoles in all of their boots are removable meaning that you can remove the standard insoles and replace them with your own.


JJ Footwear
JJ Footwear Napoli
Calf size
Foot width
Heel Height
2.5 cm
Calf Height
38 cm


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