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Wide Calf Boots

Browse through our range of wide calf boots, designed by quality brands such as JJ Footwear and Jilsen. These brands specialise in womens wide calf boots. You can select your calf size via the menu tab above or use the filter on the left to view the entire range suited to your size. If you do not know your calf size, you can calculate it easily by using our handy calf width calculator below. Click on the images below to find out more about each beautiful pair of wide fit boots in our range. Also be sure to check our accessories page to see how you can take the best care of your boots.
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Calf size measuring instructions

  • Measure the widest part of your calf with a tape measure
  • Leave no space between your calf and the tape measure
  • Meassure both calves and use the larger measurement to choose your appropriate size range

Wide Calf Boots UK

The Widecalfbootsstore has teamed up with several quality brands to display the largest collection of wide leg boots. In addition to calf size, the fine quality of each individual model ensures that the shoe has a good fit, which is crucial for comfort. See the full range above and find your favourites.

Within our wide calf boots range, you will find the following sizes:

  • Wide Calf Boots Size M/L

  • Wide Calf Boots Size XL

  • For sizes XXL and XXXL, view our extra wide calf boots range.