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Why rain boots from the Wide Calf Boots Store?

Wide Calf Boots Store rain boots come from a selection of renowned brands, such as Evercreatures, Wide Wellies and Nokian. These brands are known for their outstanding quality in combination with their vibrant designs. For example, do you love bright colours and prints? Then with this brand you're definitely in the right place. But even if you prefer more plain or more subtle colours, you'll find something for your tastes with Wide Wellies or Evercreatures. Wide Calf Boots Store rain boots are well suited for those with wider calves. Walking in the rain has never been so much fun!

What can you use wellies for?


Rain boots are enormously handy for when you're in the garden. You can mow the grass with ease and simply rinse your boots with water afterwards. Our rain boots are waterproof, keeping your feet dry. These wellies are also great to wear when weeding different plants and trees. The boots are easy to clean and feel so comfortable.

Walk in the woods

While walking in the woods, rain boots are a must-have. For kids and grown-ups alike, rain boots are always handy. They keep your feet dry while walking through wet grass or sand. You can easily clean the boots after your walk by clapping them to get the sand off leaving them out to dry.

Walk on the beach

If you have a dog yourself, you should definitely try to get out for a walk on the beach or two. Rain boots are a great idea for then as well. It's great fun for kids to be able to wear these rain boots while playing on the beach. They can walk through the surf without their feet getting wet. By clapping the boots together, you can easily get the sand off of them, making them the perfect shoe for walks on the beach.


We also have a special range of festival boots available. These rain boots have happy prints and are incredibly stylish. When the festival season begins again, a lot of the fields are still wet, and sometimes really muddy. With festival wellies your feel will stay dry while partying, and you'll still be looking trendy.


When you or one of your children is a member of the Scouts, it's a great idea to get some rain boots. These boots will come in handy while walking in the woods or through the morning dew. Your feet will stay dry while walking, and feel really comfortable as well.

Youth trips

If your children join in on youth trips away, then rain boots will really come in handy. Whether they're playing in the woods or dunes, their feet will stay dry. These wellies are so comfortable, are entirely waterproof and are easy to clean.

Hot air balloon ride

On a balloon ride, perhaps you don't immediately think of rain boots. However, they can be extremely useful when you're up in a balloon. Hot air balloon rides normally take place in the morning, when the meadows and fields are still very wet. Rain boots will keep your feet dry when you're walking to your balloon, as they are completely waterproof.


A few of our rain boots have been specially designed so that you can walk in the water to fish. So if fishing is one of your hobbies, it would definitely come in handy to get a pair of these rain boots. Your feet will stay dry, even if you have to walk into the water, or when the grass is very wet.

Horse riding

We also offer a few pairs of rain boots that are perfect for horse riding. These boots are well suited for when you're at the stables. They are really comfortable and completely waterproof. Plain, black rain boots would also be well suited for the stables if horse riding is a hobby of yours or whether you only do it once in a while.


Rain boots are perfect for a walk in the dunes. Your feet will stay warm and dry, because the boots are entirely waterproof. They also feel really comfortable while walking. They're easy to clean after a walk; simply clap the boots together and leave them out to dry.


When you're on the playground, normal shoes will get really dirty and fill up with sand. For that reason, rain boots are ideal for playing; they're easy to clean and don't fill up with sand because of their height. The boots also feel really comfortable while playing.


In the cold winter, rain boots ensure that your feet will stay warm and dry. These specially insulated boots are well suited for extremely cold conditions. Your feet will stay wonderfully warm, even at temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius. With these boots, playing, walking or even working in the snow is a wonderful experience. The sole of the boot ensures extra grip, making it less slippy on icy paths.

A selection from our collection of rain boots: